Yay! It finally arrived... our perfume testing kit from trnd.co.uk for the new ladies' fragrance... 007 for Women

I was so excited to be chosen as one of the trndster team to try out this perfume as I looove going and trying out new fragrances at the beauty counter and collecting all the pretty bottles. I still have all my cute little Harajuku Lovers bottles lined up in my vanity closet from my early 20s.

Here's the TV advert for the new James Bond franchise perfume for women ...

Wonderfully dramatic right? Loves it! More to come soon on how surprisingly awesome it is and how delicious, and as James Bond 007 tells me, sexy, I now smell ... but first here's a little teaser of the packaging and bottle design for you to feast your eyes on.

This is the 30ml bottle and it really is actually rather elegant and chic whilst at the same time nicely modern and geometric... the glass is completely opaque as far as I can tell and it's the prefect size to hold in your hand for a quick spritz. Also very handbag friendly! Loving the 007 gun logo too - oozes Bond-appeal.

The quilted metallic box is great quality so as a gift, sure to impress and with black inner inserts adds to the mystery of what's inside. I usually hate using the word 'classy'... I think it has been overused and as a result devalued in recent years throughout the media via TOWIE-esque characters. so much so, that I'm not even sure it still means what it used to BUT this really is a classy little number...like your favourite LBD, the style is timeless.

The beveled glass is a nice touch too carrying on through from the quilted effect of the box. I'm not sure if it is meant to remind me of grenade... or if that's my inner super spy taking over. 

Enough of the box already!! I hear you cry... click here for the full review of this sweet and sassy scent by 007 for women.