how to make a pallet tv stand

Make this amazing Industrial Chic DIY pallet TV stand in under an hour for almost free using tin cans, a saw, and a little imagination.

Yes. You read that right. You really can build your very own industrial chic TV stand and entertainment centre using only a wooden pallet and some cans for under £1. 

Mr B and I completed this project in less than an hour from start to finish and the great part is there is no boring measuring or annoying angles to calculate!

Set in front of the brick wall, I love the raw Anthropology-esque vibe it gives our lounge diner/living room now. Plus it's the perfect design to hide all those unsightly wires without the need for trunking or cable boxes.

You will need:
  • Wooden Pallet
  • Saw 
  • Empty tin cans
  • Screws
  • Drill 
  • Sandpaper (optional)

We picked up our pallet on Freecycle for free but you can find them literally all over the place, if a local shop isn't willing to part with one you can try eBay, local classifieds or a builders merchant and to pick up a bargain.

I love the burned on brand stamp detailing to the corners of this one, it gives the finished piece a real unique character and reeks of pure industrial chic.

Depending on the look you want or if you have small children and pets, you may want to sand down any rough edges first. We decided to leave some carefully smoothed off 'rough' edges for the full urban effect, making sure to take off any sharp shards.

Now for the fun part...

STEP #1: 

To make this double layer bench style TV entertainment centre you are going to need to cut the pallet in half just after the middle post.

We used a circular saw for speed but make sure to always take care when using equipment like this as power tool injuries are lethal. 

Saw the pallet in half just past the middle strut as this will give the base of your TV stand extra strength at the bottom to evenly distribute the weight of your TV.

TOP TIP: Before you saw, check that the struts of the pallet are running horizontally. They need to go this way to support your TV securely.

STEP #2:

You now have 2 halves, and need to stack these on top of each other then using the drill, drill holes ready for screwing the two pieces together as below. 

See... It's taking shape already! Told you it was quick!

Make sure to drill the holes down into the corresponding struts of the bottom half so as not to warp the shape of your stand. Do this on the front and then on either side.

STEP #3:

Grab your tin cans! The cans will act as supports for the top half at the back of your stand.

For this size pallet we needed 3, one to support each end and one in the middle as per the struts of our wooden pallet already in place but if yours is larger just add more as needed.

I used washed out New Potato tins which cost just 15p each from a local supermarket.

Push your tin cans firmly into place, making sure it's a good snug fit and they wont slip out. 

STEP #4:

Screw in 1.5 inch screws into each of the holes you made already to securely attach the base and the top half of the TV stand together.

STEP #5:

Test the weight bearing before you place your TV on top and add any further supports if needed.

Ta-da! Your awesome new budget busting upcycled wooden pallet TV entertainment centre is complete!

Time to set up your TV and XBox and sit back, watch your favourite show, and admire your work.

The sides of the pallet create perfect set-top/Sky box/YouView/TIVO box/dvd/games console shelves and somewhere to keep those ever disappearing remote controls.

This project took less than an hour and cost under £1... the tin cans we used were once 15p cans of potatoes and our pallet was free. 

We left our pallet TV stand raw to show off it's industrial character but you could paint, varnish or stain yours as desired. You could even add a glass top!

Going to make one? Or did you make a different piece of cool upcycled pallet furniture? Comment below or join me on Instagram @setfreemygypsys0ul, Pinterest or Twitter