Bored of your wardrobe? Everything feeling a little dull and tired after the long cold winter? Get some fresh colour into your outfits and update your wardrobe for SS15 in just 1 hour with a splash of tie-dye!

Ok, so tie-dye is awesome ... we know this... but can you wear it outside of a rave, hippy festival or the height of mid-summer? Yes. Most definitely. And the possibilities are endless... Keep your eyes out for our tie-dyeing with bleach tutorial coming up soon which turns a faded pair of black jeans into pure Rocker chic. [here]

Today though, with festival season just around the corner, here's how to add a tie-dye colour pop into your tired trews, tees and tops in just 1 hour...

You will need:

  • Tired, sad looking or boring garments
  • Rubber bands
  • Fabric dye
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Kettle 
  • Dye bath/Bucket/Trug  
  • Stirrer and/or tongs

STEP #1:

Once you have selected your garments for transformation, pick which colour of the spectrum you are going to send them hurtling through. I chose some old white and pale grey t-shirts that I just loved the design of far too much to throw out and Dylon's 'Flamingo Pink' and 'Bahama Blue' for this #DIYDOLLYD tutorial.

Some dyes state that you need to soak the garment first before dyeing them, but I have tried both damp and dry fabric and to be honest saw very little difference in the end result, so that part I leave to your own discretion and how much time you have allocated for your creative burst.

TOP TIP: Wear old clothes, shorts or a pinny when dyeing as it's easy to get splashed in all the excitement

Mix up your dye in your dye bath/trug/bucket according to the instructions on the packet. This popular Dylon quick hand dye just needed some warm and then cold water and some regular table salt.

#DID YOU KNOW...? The salt does not actually fix the dye as popularly thought, instead, it is added to make the fabric more permeable to the dye.

STEP #2:

Scrunch up your garment(s) into a ball... I found this worked best when I scrunched sections at a time to make the whole bundle... and then start adding your rubber bands to hold it all together in a cute little parcel like this:

STEP #3:

Pop your little parcel into the dye bath, and swoosh it around a little with your stirrer of choice. I used a wooden spoon as it had already discoloured from cooking so was happy for it to stain. If you do not want to also makeover your cooking utensils, make sure that you use metal or plastic implements to stir and swoosh .

You will need to aggitate the liquid for about 15 mins so just keep stirring away and be sure to flip your garment parcel over a few times like a pancake so that it gets an even coverage of the dye solution. 

STEP #4:

If you have decided to dye more than one garment, add these in now too.... otherwise go and make a nice cup of tea while the magic happens

STEP #5: 

Keep an eye on your project every 15 mins or so and flip the parcels over as required. If you are feeling ambitious here is a time to make up another batch of dye in a different colour and either multi-colour your garments or so another batch from scratch in a new colour. 

STEP #6:

After the time stated on your dye instructions, ours was 45 mins, carefully take out each parcel with tongs or your stirring tool and place on a plastic bag or sheet. Make sure to let the excess dye drip out first right back into the dye bath to save mess.

Some people leave their creations overnight at this point but I simply don't have the patience for that, I am always far too excited to see how they have turned out so just let them rest for about 15 mins which has never proved to be a problem for me or the end result.

STEP #8: 

Once your parcels have rested for a few minutes, start to carefully take off the rubber bands and prepare to be amazed, if not, start feeling rather pleased with yourself... You should now see that the dye has taken on the exposed portions of fabric and those scrunched up inside have remained dye-free creating an awesome tie-dye effect across the fabric. 

Gather up all your newly dyed garments and throw in the washer on a low temperature quick cycle without detergent. 

STEP #9: 

Dry outside on the washing line to show off to your neighbours how clever you are (optional), and once dry, throw on with a pair of ripped up skinnies and wear with pride!

TOP TIP: For the first couple of washes, wash with like colours just in case any excess dye bleeds out.
REMEMBER: Colour matches apply when dyeing ie. Red on Green will make Brown and so on... if you want to change up the colour of a darker item, bleach it up first. 

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