So, you may remember a while ago I started a trial with for new perfume 007 for Women. Since I've had the longest bout of Flu ever recorded in my whole life, it's taken me longer to get this review up than I would have liked as I have had no smelling equipment for what seems like FOREVER. 

However, now I can fully appreciate my morning coffee's nutty aroma again, it's time to tell you just how amazing this perfume is. And that's not because that's what I am supposed to say... in fact I was not expecting such a quality product *blush* ... my bad. I had visions of a strong, overpowering and musky 'Poison' type scents that give me a headache, but I have been looking for a new scent for a while now and decided to sign up.

Well, I am so pleased that I did! I have been spouting off about this perfume to everyone, from Mama D to the lady in Boots. It smells. So. Good. 

Even Mr B cannot walk past me without saying 'Mmmm..' and my Peggilini asked if she was 'too old to be a Bond girl at 82' because she would like some too. I genuinely have had so many compliments since wearing this perfume. 

"What have they put in it then??!" I hear you cry... "Opiates?!" Nooo... but I am addicted.

The 'Top Notes' incorporate bergamont, black pepper and rose milk, with a 'Heart' of gardenia and jasmine, blackberry zest and white musk. It also has hints of black vanilla and cedar. No wonder it smells so good, that list is making me hungry! 

The official, far more eloquent description of 007 for Women's fragrance is:

After several editions dedicated to men Eon Productionspresents a fragrance for women, James Bond 007 for Women Eau de Parfum which reveals the "dangerously seductive nature of Bond women." The composition of the fragrance is inspired by the mysterious, oriental scents that women wore in the previous century. Their composition is based on a blend of flowers and spices, warmed with a warm, oriental embrace. - via.

And you know what? I think they got it spot on, this is a sweet and sassy fragrance that does ACTUALLY make you feel rather sensual and special.  

A few spritzes on the neck and wrists and this will last, and for my sins, I am partial to the odd cigarette. I also live with cats and god love them, they can be stinky but with my new Bond girl secret weapon, I still smell sweet.

I tested the 30ml bottle which is the perfect size for your hand and handbag, but it is also available in 50ml, 75ml and 100ml and now has a range of body care products to compliment it, which I shall be stocking up on asap. 

You can read my full packaging review here, but once again I must say the bottle design and box really do hit the spot. Black, opaque glass gives an old-school class to the product and loving the rose gold metallic box - extra-brownie points that it matches my hair.

If you are into more sultry fragrances, maybe this one isn't for you as it is a pretty, sweet smelling perfume... It has been compared to Vera Wang's Princess, JPG's Fragile and Britney's Fantasy... but that's right up my alley so a full 5 stars from me

And you can't be a Bondgirl without a fabulously inuendo ridden name... What's yours? Mine is just oozing class... Lady Blowlitely