Bag yourself some amazing free top quality essential oil samples from A E Connock today and indulge in some bohemian bliss.

We just love essential oils in this family... since the 90s Mama D has dished them out for just about every ailment, teenage mood-swing, sleepless night and dodgy pong. And the older and wiser I have got, I totally get it! 

Lavender is a great natural way to add a pretty scent to your home and calm your family, but did you know it also repels biting insects like mosquitos and fleas? Tea-tree actually has like a zillion uses I'm sure as I am always finding another use for it, it has saved many a nasty spot or cut from getting infected being nature's natural antiseptic... and I just love the heady decadent musk of patchouli. 

British based company A & E Connock are currently giving out free samples from their responsibly sourced and highest quality essential oil range. They have been supplying the beauty industry for over 40 years and I am so excited to try out their range as you just know it's going to be amazing.

If you haven't yet tried essential oils in your home ... here's a great opportunity to try! Simply fill in your details and they will pop your samples in the post.

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