How to repurpose and upcycle an ugly old gas BBQ into a beautiful quirky feature in your garden in just one easy step. 

Mr B and I have finally had a chance to get out into the garden over the last week and give it a serious and much needed makeover.  At our creepy little cottage we were so spoiled by the beautiful multi level cottage garden we had cultivated that the boggy tired view from the French windows of the townhouse was starting to get us down.

The size here is great though and being a corner plot means we are really lucky to have a L-shaped outdoor space and therefore the biggest garden in the terrace. I will be posting a before and after soon and if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some sneak peaks already, but for today I'm going to share a spur of the moment repurpose and upcycle project that even surprised me with its charm when finished. And the great part is, it's so simple! All you need is chalk or a chalk pen and be able to write and draw straight lines. Result!

I love to grow my plants and veggies from cuttings and seeds as even as an adult I find watching the whole growing process magical but without a potting shed, my nursery pots always end up huddling together in a sheltered spot with no place to call home. In addition, my sick plant hoarding has been out of control this summer and I have picked up hoards of penny plants for nursing back to health. Again they have nowhere to live. 

As we were clearing out the junk accumulated from work in the house over the last 6 months I spied the ugly old gas BBQ that been abandoned by the previous inhabitants and without gas bottle and a hoard of rust inside it wasn't going to be any use for cooking with. The shape was great though with 2 shelves inside the hob, a wooden serving shelf to the side and storage underneath. All in one place will ensure they get full watering attention too. Perfect for my poorly plants! 

This tutorial really is self explanatory... as the black finish of the BBQ is not that far removed from a chalk board all you need to is grab your chalk or chalk pen and get creative. I went for an abstract tribal look with simple zig zags and a few cartoon daisies and some scrawny handwritten text. I also put some cute little square mirrors inside to reflect the light and then just arranged all my pots inside until it looked full to bursting. 

If you wanted to make your decorations more permanent or intricate all you will need is some paint and an artists brush - I am going to leave ours in chalk so that I can change the text according to what I'm growing. It has rained cats and dogs the last two days and my chalk is still there :) 

As always, I'd love to see what you have been upcycling in your garden. Share your projects and pictures in the comments below on on social media @freemygypsys0ul.