crochet hearts tutorial

Here's how to make a super fast and easy peasy crochet heart, perfect for upcoming Valentine's Day projects and embellishments... or just because love hearts are super cute! You can make these in record time using just 2 stitches.

These sweet little crochet love hearts are so versatile and using the same basic pattern can be made in any size just by varying up your yarn and hook size. In the run up to the big V-DAY I am going to share with you some fun DIY projects to make with this pattern that I hope you will enjoy all year round.

So I know a lot of people bemoan the excessive commercialization of Valentine's Day and the expense of it all, and yeah on a financial level it has gotten totally OTT... But, as with any modern "Holiday", I just love the chance to take a little break from the everyday mundane and have an excuse for a little fun and party. Life's tough enough, so indulging in a little silliness here and there is good for the soul.

This pattern uses just 2 basic stitches; treble (US double) and triple treble (US double treble) 

Start by making a magic loop and chaining 3. This classes as your first treble (US double)

Continue with 4 triple treble (US double treble) stitches all into the loop.

Follow with 3 trebles (US double)

Now to make the point at the bottom of your love heart make another triple treble stitch (US double treble)

That's one half of your heart complete!  

Make another 3 trebles (US double) followed by 4 triple trebles (US double treble) 

Finish with a treble stitch (US double) and cast off using slip stitch

Pull your ends to close the loop, weave in your end and Voila! 1 adorable little love heart for your honey on Valentine's Day.  How easy was that?! 

Make a whole bunch while binge-watching your fave show on Netflix and check back soon for some fun ways to use them.

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