Make this quick + easy Coachella Festival inspired cardigan with fringing using just 7 Granny squares and 2 basic crochet stitches - treble (US double) and chain. 

I picked up this beautiful coral and pink angora mix yarn in the bargain bin over the weekend for just £4.99 for a pack of 3 skeins and immediately I just knew it had to become a super-soft, super-flowy bohemian dream.

pink yarn for crochet cardigan inspired by coachella
So pretty in pink 

Because it's end of the line, each ball was a different size so I already knew I would be limited on meterage but it is just sooo soft and luxurious I really had my heart set on making something I could wrap up in. Due to the small quantity, I had to make sure there was enough to complete the project so I plumped for a large filet crochet with a 12mm hook. 

This entire cardigan is made up of just 7 filet crochet granny squares.  

free pattern coachella inspired fringed crochet cardigan
Here you can see how this cardigan is made using only 7 granny squares

This chart by Pani-Ann Crochet on Pinterest is great to use as a base if you have never done filet crochet before, but it's so much simpler than it sounds, just a combination of trebles and chains. 

how to do filet crochet

I made 7 of these squares as in this nifty little doodle below - one large one for the back of the cardigan, 4 for the front and 2 for the arms. 

filet crochet coachella cardigan chart

Once they are made up, just join together using more treble (US double) and slip stitch or chain. For the arms, fold each granny in half to make a tube, then attach to the body at the shoulders. 

fringed pink filet crochet cardigan free pattern
Nothing says Bohemia Festival Chic like lashings of fringing

I joined the sides together just by pulling the tassles of the fringing through each space to save more yarn... and because fringing is frickin' awesome!!

double crochet cuffs free pattern how to make fringed cardigan
2 rows of double crochet using a 12mm hook and 3 strands of yarn give weight to the cardigan's cuffs

To add a little more detail and give the cuffs some weight I added two quick rows of double crochet (US single) using 3 strands of yarn in the same mix as the tassled fringing. 

free crochet pattern for bohemian fringed cardigan

easy pink filet crochet fringed cardigan free pattern for festivals

So there you have it... just 7 simple filet crochet granny squares and you have a beautiful drapey bohemian cardigan perfect for festival season. 

free bohemian crochet cardigan pattern granny squares festival

Which yarns have you just fell in love with? Do you see a ball of wool and immediately know what you want to crochet or knit up with it? Let me know in the comments below or join me on Instagram @setfreemygypsys0ul