Learn a little basic Feng Shui and improve your Wealth and Prosperity energies this Chinese New Year with a Money Tree Plant and this pretty geometric free printable Feng Shui bagua map. 

Xīnnián hǎo and Bùbù gāoshēng... that's 'New Year Goodness' and 'On the up and up!' for those of us not blessed enough to know Catonese. Today marks the start of Chinese New Year celebrations for the Year of the Monkey and this year rather than just oogling the vibrant red lanterns and vivid culture that is on display at this time of year I decided to put a little Chinese tradition into practice. 

In the 90s when I was a kid, I remember my Mum getting really into Feng Shui and the Chinese zodiac. She had the books, the tapes (yep it wasn't even CDs) and our house looked and felt amazing. Then I turned into a rebellious teenager and didn't give the tradition much thought for the next 15 years other than when I looked around at my dysfunctional living space in dismay. 

Over the last few years though I have not only grown up (albeit only a little) but become obsessed with compact living solutions, a functional and happy home, and the effect of ones surroundings on our overall well-being. Now, whilst my eclectic Bohemian tendencies don't always sit neat and side by side with a more minimalist and ordered home, there are some basic principles that can be applied to any style of home. 

The year of the Fire Monkey can be deemed by some as unlucky but can also be seen as a great time to create change and innovation. Well nothing is a bigger change for us than packing up our entire home, squishing it into 2 attic rooms at my Mum's house and saving up to own a 57 ft plus Narrowboat for the very first time, oh whilst changing career, area and lifestyle at the same time. So I'm going to give this a go. My first venture (other than not sleeping facing mirrors) is probably one of the most commonly talked about, the Money Plant... and whilst I'm not saying following this will turn you into Bill Gates or mark Zuckerberg overnight, on a subconscious level, I truly do think it's a positive step towards prosperity and happiness. 

With this in mind, today I picked up these two beautiful little Crassula Ovata Money Tree plants from, of all places, the supermarket, at just £1.75 each. I got us one each to make the plant immediately bigger, I'm not sure if this is classed as cheating? :/ The cute neon pot is currently in B and M stores at just 89p.

But where to put the money plant for good Feng Shui in your home??

So, the Money Tree is said to attract the energy of wealth and prosperity. Good times. So in theory we just pop in in the area near all the things we want to prosper right? Wrong!

There are 2 schools of Feng Shui, Classical/Traditional and Western/BTB. And you can't just pick one! First find which school or bagua (floor plan) fits your home. You can find videos explaining this far more eloquently than I can on Youtube, I recommend this one by Rodika Tchi https://youtu.be/Elb2nv9Zxa4 because her voice is frickin' awesome.  But, basically you can choose to apply Feng Shui by compass point directions, or by a grid which determines each energy area of your home. 

Looking at both methods I chose the Western BTB grid to best suit our living space as it is not exactly conventional and this way I can work from the front door of the house as a whole as our entry point. 

In this school, basically, very simplified down, you draw out the floor plan of your home, use the line with the front door on it as the base line and then match it up with a bagua grid like the one I made for you to download below and go from there.

Western BTB Bagua Map Feng Shui
Click here to download

So here is my floor plan... 

And when applying the Western BTB bagua grid I can see that, happily, I have already made our little micro office space in the correct area which is a stroke of luck. If not I would be rearranging the space for the millionth time much to Mr B's amusement.

And here our little Money Twins sit... I wonder whose will grow the fastest?! 

Next I want to work on the bedroom to give this constant Winter hibernation sleepiness the heave ho! 

Do you practice Feng Shui in your home or office/workplace? I'd love to see your pictures or hear how it's improved your living space by leaving a comment below. Tag @freemygypsys0ul on Instagram... I love seeing other people's creative space, it's inspiring!