Give yourself a little gift this Valentine's day with this DIY crochet statement necklace with heart and chain detail. Using just yarn and an upcycled necklace this tutorial is super fast and easy to make.

You will need:

Large chain link necklace (or length of chain from the DIY store and a clasp or ribbon)

4.5mm - 5.5mm crochet hook

10mm - 12mm crochet hook

Selection of yarn.
I used 3 colours, 2 DK and one worsted weight.

Start by crocheting 2 double crochet (US hdc) in each of the links of the chain using the smaller hook.

With 2 strands of worsted weight,  or 4 strands of DK yarn and the larger hook, make your first giant heart for the middle of the necklace. Click here to open a new window with my quick & easy crochet heart pattern.

Make 2 more hearts using the smaller hook.

Edge your large heart using the smaller hook again and crochet 2dc into each chain space (US hdc) taking care to insert your hook only in the top stitches. I used 4 strands of DK.

When you reach the top centre,  use a spike stitch, pulling through all the loops and leaving one stitch on the hook

Insert your hook into the middle chain of your necklace crochet and pull through a slip stitch. Your centrepiece heart is now attached!  Finish the edging with a dc and cast off with slip stitch.

Repeat this process for your 2 smaller hearts, each time attaching to the necklace with slip stitch.

Weave in your ends and you're done!

All done! A cute crochet statement necklace in no time using just a few simple crochet stitches.