Left-over pancake mix? No lemons and syrup left in the store as everyone forgot it was Shrove Tuesday and panic shopped? Try one of these 5 top alternative recipes to make using pancake mix that aren't pancakes...

It arrived already! And kinda early this year right? If you, like me, will be heading to the shops this afternoon to panic buy up the last of the batter and pancake mix packets but find there is not a lemon left in sight, or just have too many batter packets left over by tomorrow, here are my top 5 alternative recipes to try with pancake mix other than Yorkshire Puds on Sunday.

3 ingredient Beer Bread -

PHOTO CREDIT: www.tammileetips.com
Ok so this recipe blew my socks off! I was not expecting to find this when I was researching this blog post. Yes... Pancake mix + beer + sugar = bread. Genius food blogger +Tammilee Tillison shares the recipe for this over at her blog www.tammileetips.com which is just jammed packed full of delicious food, life hacks, Disney and more. Still completely in awe.... Pancake mix + beer = sugar = bread. Who knew?!  I may never need to do a full grocery shop again ;) 

Spring Vegetable and Cheesey Breakfast Bake - 

PHOTO CREDIT: www.cupcakesandkalechips.com

Wow this veggie and cheese breakfast bake by +Brianne Izzo of Cupcakes and Kale Chips looks totally + amazingly scrumptious and uses pancake mix in the crust. Serious skills there by Brianne whose entire blog is full of deliciousness in every post. Waking up to this every morning would make me far less grouchy. Take note Mr B ;-) Get the recipe...click here

Deep Fried Oreos - 

PHOTO CREDIT: www.kirbiescravings.com

If blogger had sound effects I would have uploaded a nice soundbite of my gasp and high pitched glee at finding this recipe. Oreo Oreo Oreo... yum yum yum . Deep Fried Oreos.. just wow! Get the full recipe from San Diego based Kirbie's Cravings. Click here for the recipe. I am so trying this later with my peanut butter edition Oreo stash. Calorific!

Savoury Ranch Chicken Tenders -

PHOTO CREDIT: www.hungryjack.com

This one is not for me what with not directly eating anything that once could look me square in the eye, but a good one for Mr B who loooves his chicken and all other carnivores, as even as a veg-head this looks like it would be tasty.  You can get the full recipe from the  +Hungry Jack recipe archives by clicking here. 

Rainbow Heart shaped...well... pancakes...

PHOTO CREDIT: www.momdot.com 

OK so these are actually still pancakes but I couldn't not include them as they are just SO. DARN. CUTE. and pretty and awesome and make me want to clap my hands with glee like a 3 year old. Get the full recipe by all-round DIY goddess +Trisha Haas  at www.momdot.com by clicking here.