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DIY 5 ways to wind your yarn so it's smaller than a standard skein to make space for even more yarn in your stash! 

You can never have enough yarn. Fact.

But sometimes you just don't have enough space to squish it all in! Living in 21 square metres as we currently do, everything needs to be super compact and tidy.

Wincing at the pile of yarn in 'my corner' over the weekend, it gave the term yarnbomb a whole new definition. I needed to find a way to condense it down without

a) a magic wand and
b) losing any (oh the horror!)

Here's 5 Ways to wind your yarn to condense and organise your yarn stash... 

and in the process create space to buy even more yarn! Ha! 

organise organize yarn stash diy tips tricks ideas bright colorful wool in basket

1. Wind your yarn into a Yarn Ball

Since I can remember, my Peggilini has always immediately wound her new skeins into balls.

organise organize yarn diy tips tricks ideas wool basket colourful

I've recently started doing this too... they take up less space and roll off easier whilst working knit or crochet.  Also they look super cute.

organise your yarn stash with yarn balls diy

Not so great for direct shelf storage as they will roll off but if you keep your yarn in baskets like me it's a great space saver.

2. Make a DIY Cone of Yarn

Save those cardboard toilet paper rolls!

diy yarn cone to organise your yarn stash

Winding your yarn into a cone is easy peasy using cardboard TP rolls. Pop a little nick in the top and start a'winding.

diy yarn cone to organise your yarn stash

Winding your yarn this way means you can then stand your stash upright on shelving or even repurpose an old wine rack and slot them in like bottles/cans. 

3. DIY Yarn cakes

Soo cute! Second to the ball,  I love yarn cakes.  

1) the name combines 2 of my favourite things... yarn and cake
2) they are easy to store and work with

organise organize yarn stash diy tips tricks ideas yarn cake
To make these you will need to grab yourself a yarn cake winder online and get yarn baking.

4. Flat lay Yarn

I don't know the proper name for this... I'm sure there is one.  

organise organize yarn stash diy tips tricks ideas

But... Basically it allows you to store your yarn flat in boxes or vertically on a shelf or in a filing cabinet. 

You can make these for free using cardboard sheets from a cereal packet (more recycling *high 5*) to wrap your skein around.

organise your yarn tips ideas

organise your yarn tips tricks and ideas

5. Store your yarn in Vacuum Bags 

We've all seen the teleshopping ads for these wonder bags. My mum is obsessed with them.

organise organize yarn stash diy ideas tips tricks

I was always put off by the price but they have been aroung long enough now to filter down into discount stores like +Poundland or +Poundstretcher where you grab them for £1 or less. 

And they now come in scented varieties so your yarn will smell as pretty as it looks!

Now your stash is all tidy and organised, you have space to buy more! #yarnaddict #hoarder #awesome.

organize organise yarn stash diy tips tricks ideas

How do you store your yarn? Leave your clever tricks below in the comments or better still, show off your yarn stash on Instagram by tagging me  @setfreemygypsys0ul