Add a neon colour pop to your crochet projects this Spring with this free large Mandala crochet pattern.

free mandala crochet pattern spring neon bohemian rug

So I've had so much love and positive feedback for my Freeform Crochet Sugar Skull Cocoon Cardigan... HUGE thankyou lovelies... that I decided to make a start on finishing a project I actually started back last year that is very similar. 

skull crochet cardigan freeform free pattern
Freeform Crochet Sugar Skull Cocoon Cardigan

This time though, instead of being crocheted in one, the cardigan will be constructed using intricate-looking (but easy to crochet) granny squares and assembled in much the same way as my Fringed Coachella inspired 7 Granny square Cardigan.

In place of a skull, this time I wanted to make a large vibrant mandala to use as the back feature piece.

This adorable candy spot Baby Yarn is so soft and smooth to work with but I felt it needed a little crazy colour to complement it.

free crochet pattern mandala baby wool spot rug

So I added an awesome neon orange colour pop using King Cole Big Value Neon in Jaffa. The pretty mauve Aran from B & M blends the two together.

I still have a few filet squares to work up before I share the cardigan pattern but for now here's the large mandala that can be used to extend into a rug, blanket, shawl, wall art or placemat by adding a few more rounds.

free mandala crochet pattern bohemian neon spring rug

Details of the stitches used on each round are below in both UK and US crochet terms.

I used my favourite metallic pink 4.5 mm hook and a mix of DK and Aran yarn to add texture and body to the work. The finished Mandala measures approx. 34 cm (13 inches) across.

Round 1: 16 treble (US double) - I used Aran

Round 2: Puff stitch and ch 1 into each chain space

Round 3: 2 dc (US single) into each chain space

Round 4: 2 htc (US hdc) and ch 1 into each space

Round 5: htc (US hdc) and ch 4 into each space

free mandala crochet pattern bohemian neon rug

Round 6: 5 treble (US double) crochet and chain 1 into each loop made in round 5

Round 7: Puff stitch and chain 6 into each space

Round 8: 8 treble (US double) crochet into each space

Round 9: Double (US single) crochet and chain 8 in the middle of each 4 trebles (US doubles)

Round 10: double (US single) crochet amd chain 4, then dc (Us single) and chain 4 and one dc into each space

free crochet mandala pattern neon spring bohemian

Round 11: Cast on in one of the small loops you made in Round 10 and make the following stitch pattern:

2 double (US single) crochet
2 htc (US hdc)
6 treble (US double)
2 htc (US hdc)
2 double (US single) crochet
Join with slip stitch

Repeat all the way around in each small loop

Round 12: Cast on in the centre of your 6 trebles (US doubles) from the above round, this will give you 3 trebles (US doubles) on either side... then dc (US single) and chain 8. Dc into the chain space between shells and chain 8. Repeat dc (US single), chain 8 all the way around your work.

Round 13: Dc (US single) into the centre of one of your loops made in Round 11, and chain 10. Double crochet (US single) into the centre of the next loop and chain 10 again. Repeat until the end.

Round 14: Dc (US single) and chain 5 into the tops of each of your loops.

Round 15: 8 treble crochets into each space.   

free mandala crochet pattern spring neon bohemian rug

And there it is, a bright bohemian Mandala for Spring with Orange Neon Colour Pops perfect for extending into cardigans (yay!), rugs and more! 

If you liked this pattern i'd be so grateful if you would share with your friends, family and fellow #crochetaddicts. 

Any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with me via social media, see my details by clicking here

free crochet mandala pattern spring neon bohemian