free how to make shamrock clover crochet pattern granny square

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day and add a little Irish Charm to your crochet projects with this cute and really easy little Shamrock Clover and Rainbow Granny Square.

So I already shared a free crochet pattern of the week with you yesterday with my Freeform Crochet Sugar Skull Cocoon Cardigan but my Irish Heritage would never forgive me if I didn't whip up a little something for St. Patrick's Day. 

How to crochet a Shamrock Clover for St. Patricks Day 

how to make a crochet shamrock clover free pattern

I used a 4.5 mm hook and +King Cole Ltd DK yarn. This makes a Shamrock around 2 x 2 inches. Make yours bigger or smaller by switching up or down the size of your hook and yarn.

free shamrock clover crochet granny square pattern

Start with a magic loop and chain 5

Double crochet (US single) back into the loop and chain another 5

Dc (US single) again into the loop and chain another 5, followed by one more dc (US single) into the loop. You should now have 3 little loops like an 'M' shape. 

Tighten your loop, but not all the way, leave enough room that with a push you can get your hook back through it.

Join with slip stitch

Make a double crochet (US single), 2 htc (US hdc), 3 tc and one triple treble crochet into the first of your loops. 

Then make 1 treble crochet (US double) and a htc (US hdc). This makes the little dip in the middle of the leaf to give that cute clover shape.

free shamrock clover crochet granny square pattern

Make another treble crochet (US double), followed by a triple treble to get the leaf symmetrical and finish the leaf by repeating the other side in reverse so... 3 treble (US double) crochets, 2 htc and a double (US single) crochet. 

Join to the next loop (leaf) with slip stitch and repeat for the next to loops (leaves) 

When you finish the 3rd leaf, join through the centre of your tightened magic loop with slip stitch as in the picture. If this sounds confusing, basically hold your yarn behind the Shamrock and stick your hook through the middle of it to pick up and pull through the yarn. 

free shamrock clover crochet granny square pattern

Now slip stitch again and chain 5. The 5th chain is for turning. 

Htc into the 4th chain and then double (US single) crochet into each of the remaining stitches to form your stalk

Join to the body of the Shamrock with slipstitch into the centre again and weave in your ends! 

free shamrock clover crochet pattern granny square
Make a whole bunch and string together to make garlands and decorations or read on to see how to turn these cute Crochet Shamrock Clovers into Lucky Rainbow Granny Squares.

If you want to add a 4th leaf to make a lucky 4 leaf clover, just add an extra loop at the beginning before tightening your magic ring.

How to make a Shamrock Clover Granny Square

Now to add that lucky rainbow.... it's easy! 

To make your Crochet Shamrock into a Granny Square, you treat it much the same as you would a circle or Mandala... 

free shamrock clover crochet pattern granny square

Make sure you insert your hook into the back loops only so you don't distort the shape of your cute Shamrock clover.

Starting with a dc (US single), then ch 2, followed by 3 trebles (US double), ch 2, 3 trebles (US double) to form the corner and so on all the way around. 

Add a new colour at each round to form your lucky rainbow... 

free shamrock clover crochet pattern granny square

Use these cute Shamrock Lucky Irish Clover granny squares to make potholders, afghans and blankets, cushion covers or St. Patrick's Day flags.

free shamrock clover crochet pattern granny square

Wishing you all a wonderful St. Patrick's Day and hoping you find the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow! 

I sure would love to find one, that would make #PROJECTLIVEABOARD happen much faster! 

If you liked this, please share with your friends, family and fellow #crochetaddicts... I'd be over the moon (or rainbow) t'be'sure

free shamrock crochet pattern granny square