I thought I'd try something new here on the blog and share my Thriftstore find of the week with you every Thursday. In terms of my fashion sense, basically nearly every outfit I wear has a vintage element from the Charity Shop! 

If you have read my ABOUT page (if not, click here... ) you'll know one of my favourite pastimes is thrifting. In fact to be honest it's more of an addiction.  I just love vintage clothes and homewares... 
1) because they have a story, and 
2) because often you have the only one! 

Be it charity shop, jumble sale or car boot sale, I'm in my absolute element when rummaging around for a quirky vintage gem.

My beloveds really do tolerate this very well but do not always share my over-zealous enthusiasm for the latest bizarre or threadbare find that I bring home. I don't blame them, we have not enough wardrobe space as it is!

But, that's where you come in! 

You can see the method to my madness in my Top 5 Tips for shopping at the thrift or charity shop by clicking here

This week's find is this amazing bright red handknit and totally kitsch Australian handknit Koala design oversized cardigan by Bonzo!! I love Intarsia knitting and this is a beautiful example with perfect tension. With nice big bulky stitches it shouldn't prove too difficult to make a chart from either.

Way. Too. Awesome!

Shop: Oxfam, Oundle
Price tag: £5.99