maxi fringed cardigan poncho festival fashion hack pattern diy

Refashion an old longline cardigan into a beautiful Boho Festival Maxi Cardigan with awesome fringing and tassles in this fashion hack using just a crochet hook and some yarn!

My darling Peggilini has been spring cleaning for the last few days and asked me if I wanted this super soft silver and grey longline cardigan for the kitties to lay on but as soon as I felt how soft and snuggly it was I got to thinking maybe it wasn't quite ready for kitty drool and sharp little claws and paws just yet... 

It was a kinda inbetween length on me, a neither here nor there mid calf drop. As I am always obsessed with fringing and tassles, my plan was to add extra length to the piece with some long tassled fringing all along the bottom. 

Googling for a little colour inspo over my morning coffee, I found this gorgeous Fringed Maxi Cardigan by US clothing brand Lira, and was totally sold!

easy refashion festival wear fringed maxi cardigan boho

The shape is practically identical and that awesome fringed wing-like detail on the back is stunning. 

Refashion time! 

This project and tutorial is so quick and easy... it took me under an hour to complete and once you're done your new fringed festival vibe Maxi Cardigan is ready to wear instantly.  

You will need:

  • A longline cardigan 
  • Yarn - I used two colours, one DK and one Aran/Worsted weight
  • Crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard (optional) 

Step 1:

easy clothing fashion refashion old sweater maxi cardigan boho

Make yourself a bunch of "tassles"... I used 3 strands for each fringe detail. I find it easier to make a whole lot in advance as that way you can really get into the flow of adding them to the cardigan without breaks.

You can make these either be wrapping around a piece of cardboard or if you have a good eye, just around your hand.

how to make fringing tassel bohemian craft

Step 2: 

Starting with am arm of your maxi cardigan, use your crochet hook to pick up a knit stitch on the under seam of the sleeve. 
boho fashion festival hack diy tutorial upcycle refashion

Insert your hook, grab your 3 strands and pull a little way through the stitch. You will have a loop and tails.

Hook up your tails and pull through the loop.

1 tassle down...

Repeat 9 more times evenly along the length of the sleeve leaving a few stitches between each tassle. 

festival fashion how to make fringing tassel

Trim each tassle to roughly the same length. If you have a few longer or shorter ones, no matter ... it just adds to the whimsy. 

Do the same on the opposite arm.

Step 3:

Starting around a palm's length down from the shoulder, insert your crochet hook into a knit stitch and make a tassle as before. 

fast boho chic festival fashion hack diy tutorial

Making sure to follow the line of stitches,  skip 4 to 5 and continue to add tassles all the way down the length of the cardigan.  

easy clothing refashion upycle sweater cardigan maxi boho

Repeat on the opposite side. 

bohemian festival fashion diy hack refashion fringed tassel

Again trim up your fringing if needed, I left mine free and wild on the back for a full winged fringe effect.

Step 4:

Throw on over a maxi dress or a pair of skinnies and a vintage band tee and you're good to go! 

bohemian fashion boho chic upcycled refashion diy hack

fast boho chic clothes refashion fashion upcycle diy hack

bohemian clothing refashion fringed maxi cardigan festival tutorial

If you enjoyed this Fringed Festival Maxi Cardigan Refashion, I'd love to see your finished garments! 

Tag me on Instagram @setfreemygypsys0ul and share on social media.  You can find all my accounts by clicking here.  

how to upcycle and refashion boho chic fringed maxi cardigan