free crochet pattern bohemian home decor plant pot popcorn bobble stitch

Add instant Bohemian good vibes to your home by pimping out your plant pots with this quick and easy Plant Pot Sock Cozy crochet pattern using Popcorn/Bobble stitch.

Plants are awesome. They instantly put good energy and positive vibes into your home and work space, and some even clean and purify the air.

But sometimes they can be neglected and sit sadly in boring ugly brown pots... add a little gypsy soul charm and yarnbomb them with this fast and simple crochet pattern using popcorn or bobble stitch, and double (US single) crochet.

free crochet pattern bobble stitch popcorn plant pot bohemian home decor

This quick and easy crochet pattern can take less than 45 mins for a small pot and uses chains, double (US Single) crochet, and treble (US double) crochet.

You will need:

  • Beautiful bright yarns 
  • 4.5 mm crochet hook 
  • Scissors
  • Cute plant

How to Crochet the plant pot sock - Free Crochet Pattern:  

free crochet pattern bright bohemian home plant cozy sock cover tutorial

Round 1:

Start by making a slipknot and make a simple foundation chain which is just a little shorter than the circumference of the base of the pot. Make sure this ends on an EVEN number of stitches.

Join with slip stitch to make a loop.

Chain one stitch.

Round 2:

Double crochet (US single) in every chain space.

Cast off with slip stitch and weave in ends.

Round 3:
free crochet pattern bohemian home bright plant pot cover cozy tutorial

Cast on with a new colour and chain 2 and make a 6 loop bobble stitch into the first chain space. 

Chain one and skip the next chain space.

Make another bobble stitch it the next space and chain 1. 

Continue until the end of the row.

Cast off with slip stitch and weave in ends.

Round 4 to X:

Continue each row with a bobble stitch and chain 1 in every other stitch until your plant pot sock cozy is as tall as your pot. 

To finish:

free crochet pattern bohemian bright home plant pot cozy sock cover

Once your plant pot cover is tall enough, add a round of 2 double crochet (US single) into each chain space between the bobble stitches.

Join with slip stitch and chain 1.

Finish with a round of double crochet (US single) in each chain space.

free crochet pattern plant pot bohemian home bright cozy cover tutorial

Cast off and weave in ends.

Add tassles.

free crochet pattern plant pot sock cozy cover bohemian home tutorial tassel


free crochet pattern bohemian home bright plant sock cozy cover tutorial

Super cute, super fast to crochet, and easy-peasy! My favourite kind of crochet! 

free crochet pattern bohemian home plant pot cover sock cozy tutorial

I actually made this little one for the Kalenchoe sat in the car after grocery shopping waiting for Mr B to finish work so it's perfect for a quick and easy crochet project. 

Make for yourself in multi colours, solid colours and as gifts for your fellow crochet addicts! 

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free crochet pattern plant pot sock cozy bohemian bright home tutorial