The July edition of Canal Boating Times is out now... and Mr B and me are in it! Eek! 

We are famous! Mr B and I are in the press... Ok so maybe not FAMOUS but the closest us two pair of awks will ever get to it... 

crick boating times july 2016 project liveaboard canal boat narrow

When we visited the Crick Boat Show we met up with Sarah and Amelia from  +Waterways World  magazine who also just happen to work on the Canal Boating Times together too! 

They had read about our #PROJECTLIVEABOARD journey so far and our quest to find the perfect liveaboard Narrow boat or houseboat for our forever and family home and wanted to see just what kind of things a young couple like us looked for when considering which boat to buy.

Pre-Crick we had our hearts set on a big Widebeam ...

crick boating times project liveaboard july 2016
Pre-Crick Wishlist for the dream floating home

But after spending time with boaters at Crick 2016 and looking around big widebeams we realised that maybe a Narrow boat will actually be a better fit for us! Now our wishlist looks like this! 

crick boating times july 2016 project liveaboard
Our current Wishlist for the dream boat

Mr B found that you can adapt your narrow boat with a little canny floor lowering or ceiling tweaking so his 6'2" height is no longer as big an issue and I found I can still have my beloved wheelhouse on a narrow boat with either a 'faux' wheelhouse open cratch or an actual one... narrow boats with wheel houses do exist after all! See what else we learnt in the seminars and by talking to other boaters in my Narrowboat Nerd-Out With Waterways World Seminars + Resources: Crick Boat Show review Part 2 by clicking here.

crick boating times july 2016 project liveaboard narrow boat canal life

We had such a fun time with Sarah and Amelia and a huge big thank you to them and all the  +Waterways World magazine team for giving us this awesome opportunity to learn so much and have a wonderful piece of boating memorabilia for when we are old and wrinkly. 

Sarah wrote such a fun article.... there's even mention of our beautiful kitty cats too! 

crick boating times july 2016 canal boat narrow boat project liveaboard

You can read the article in full online for free at by clicking here ... or head to your local marina or stockist and pick up the paper version for free. 

crick boating times july 2016 project liveaboard canal house boat

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crick boating times canal july 2016 houseboat project liveaboard