Mix pretty pastels and hot neons to make a Psychedelic and Trippy Hippie Mandala in this week's Monday Mandala crochet pattern. 

Glastonbury festival is over for another year... but here you can beat the blues with some festival inspired patterns to give every day awesome festival feels. 

Crochet Flower Crown Headphones Free Pattern here

This week's Monday Mandala is a hippie, trippy, psychedelic pastel and neon fusion made using treble crochet (US double), double treble crochet (US treble),  double crochet  (US Single) and a combination of chains.

The pretty double frill edge looks so cute and is actually very simple to crochet... a combination of treble crochet (US double), htc (hdc), double crochet (US single) and chains.

As with all my patterns, there are no set rules! Pick your own colours, yarn weights and change up a stitch if you want to... I think too many rules and regulations squish individual creativity, and that's what makes Fibre Art awesome! 

You will need: 

  • 4.5 mm crochet hook 
  • DK yarn 
  • Scissors 

Flower power Psychedelic Mandala free crochet pattern:

Round 1: Make a magic loop, chain 3 and make another 15 trebles (US double) into the loop. 

Join with slip stitch and cast off, weaving in ends.

Round 2: Cast on in any space and make a 4 y/o puff stitch in every space. 

Round 3: Make 2 treble crochet  (US double) in each space

Round 4: Put a cute Popcorn / Bobble stitch followed by a chain 1 into every space. 

Round 5: Cast on in any chain space and chain 3. 

Double crochet (US single) into the next chain space and chain 3. 

Repeat all the way around. Join with slip stitch.

Round 6: Cast on and chain 2. Make 4 treble crochet  (US double) into the loop followed by a htc (hdc).

Make another htc (US hdc) into the next loop.

Make 4 trebles (US doubles) and a htc (hdc).

Repeat this pattern in each loop around your growing mandala. Join with slip stitch

Round 7: Make a 4 y /o puff stitch, follow with a chain 2, then a double crochet (US single) into the middle of your Round 6 trebles (US doubles), ch 2 and repeat around the mandala.

Round 8: 'V' stitch... Treble crochet  (US double), ch 1 , then treble crochet (US dc) again into same space. Chain 1 and repeat into the next space.

Round 9: Cast on between v's and chain 3 then double crochet (US single) into the same space to form a loop.

Double crochet (US single) into next space.
Double crochet (US single) into the next space again and another chain 3. 

Double crochet into the same space. Repeat. 

Round 10: Cast on inside a loop and put 1 htc (US hdc), 4 treble crochet (US double), 1 htc (US hdc) into the loop.

Double crochet (US single) into next two spaces. 

Repeat all the way around the work.

Round 11: turn your work and cast on in the middle of a 'V' from Round 8 like this:

Chain 3 and then double crochet (US single) into the same space like you already did in Round 9.

Then chain 3 followed by a double crochet (US single). 

Basically this is a repeat of round 9 on the back of the work. 

Repeat all around the mandala and then join with slip stitch.

Don't cast off yet! :)

Round 12: Turn your yummy crochet mandala back around so that right side is facing you and make a double crochet (US single) into each of the next two chain spaces.

Then make 1 htc (US hdc), 1 treble crochet (US double), 2 double treble crochets (US trebles), 1 treble crochet (US dc), 1 htc (US hdc) into the loop.

Dc into the next two spaces and repeat!

Cast off with slip stitch and weave in ends 

I hope you enjoy making this week's Monday Mandala free crochet pattern ... Psychedelic Parma Violet Hippie Trippy Mandala. 🐏💕

I'd love to see your creations so share them with me on Instagram by tagging me @setfreemygypsys0ul or using the hashtag #SFMGS 😘 💕😘

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