Reworking Vintage Crochet Granny Squares with MY Granny to make a special collection of creativity that spans the generations.

This beautifully bright and Bohemian hand crocheted blanket is part of a special new collection I call The Peggilini Collective.  

For a few hours every week I sit with my darling Peggilini joining her amazing and truly epic collection of granny squares that she has crocheted lovingly by hand over the years. 

She has over 8 decades of fibre art experience, not to mention her years as a top London seamstress, and as we sit drinking tea and eating yummy homemade cake with crochet hooks in hand she still giggles like a teenager as we gossip and put the world to rights.

No two squares are ever the same, and whilst each one may not be geometrically perfect... some squares are bigger than others, some are not even squares but quirky little oblongs ... every stitch is made with bucketloads of love and laughter. 

I join them sat cross legged on her glorious vintage floral rug while she sits with hook in hand making yet more granny squares!

Using either join as you go, double (US single) or slip stitch depending on the mood of the work, and my collection of big bright Bohemian yarns the end product is a wonderful collaboration of creativity across the generations.

There are just so many of these wonderfully characterful crochet granny squares that we are running out of space for all our bright colourful crocheted blankets and so over the next few weeks I will be adding them to the SFMGS Etsy store and my other online outlets.  

Wrap up in a blanket of love and joy as your family's future heirloom and share love and laughs with your loved ones.