Happy 1st July! What will this month hold? June was an awesome month for SFMGS... Here's a look back and some sneaky previews for this month's crochet, craft and Narrow Boat goodness...

The last few days of June have been crochet crazy ... lots of photographing, working, and editing photos for Etsy! Eek!

Last weekend gorgeous Toni and I had an awesome day playing dress up in my #unicornpoop and The Peggilini Collective vintage granny square crochet cardigans, crochet fringed bags and shawls and generally just goofing out!! 

And Mr B even got in on the action too this afternoon! 

Unicorn Poop Granny Square Blanket with Cactus edging... made to order available soon on Etsy 

Here's a couple of sneaky previews of what's to come... lots of Boho influences, fringing, LOTS of colour and a vintage modern crochet fusion in The Peggilini Collective

All available to buy in my Etsy shop in JULY 

Flower Crown Crochet Headphones Pattern Coming in JULY!

Hi and HEY slogan Neon patchwork granny square cushions available now in my Etsy store

But we actually started June on a high too, still totally buzzing from our amazing weekend at the Crick Boat Show 2016...

We had actually driven a Narrow boat for the first time and absolutely LOVED it!! 

And then our #PROJECTLIVEABOARD journey was featured in Canal Boating Times!! 

In the meantime, I was busy working on a new crochet project that I just adore... #thepeggilinicollective. 

For a few hours every week I sit with my darling Peggilini joining her amazing and truly epic collection of granny squares that she has crocheted lovingly by hand over the years. 

 Monday Mandala is also now a permanent feature... 

Also... my very first original SFMGS Granny Square pattern, DAISY DUKES is available for free right here.... 

The most mind-blowing of the month though, is the AMAZING crochet community I have found on Instagram... you guys are awesome! There is such an overwhelming amount of love, support and motivation from the #crochetersofinstagram and #crochetgirlgang. Come join me @setfreemygypsys0ul

JUNE's Insta

Plus!! My Popcorn Stitch Plant Pot Cozy pattern has been shared over on FaveCrafts.com and MADE! Check it out! 

PHOTO: Grace Oldham 

Here's the pattern if you want to make one too!! They are sooo fun and simple to work up! 

Thank you for your continued support, it really means a lot to me...

 Onwards and upwards into July!