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Granny Spike Stitch crocheted in double rows of colour makes for a quirky jagged chevron pattern... perfect for a men's crochet jumper! Because real men wear crochet! 

So if you follow me on Instagram @setfreemygypsys0ul you will have seen this project growing in stages in the run up to Mr B''s birthday... if you don't, click here! I'm always posting crochet projects and patterns in progress and completed and lots of pretty kitties too! 

So after 5 years of doing so, it's become a bit of a tradition now that Mr B and I make each other at least one Birthday/Christmas/Valentine's Day/Easter/Special Occasion gift. Past gifts include Sharpie decorated shoes, tie dye t-shirts, upcycled sweater jars of "I Love You Because..." slips (yeah, that was sweet of him!) and other cute yet pretty crazy creations. 

This year for his birthday I wanted to make a big bright crazy crochet jumper that he could wear boating. Did I mention we have been staying on a Narrow boat lately?!

When I searched for Crochet Patterns for Men, not much came up that was particularly inspiring.. or quick and easy to whip up in secret! So I made up my own...

mens crochet sweater jumper pattern hipster boho colorful rainbow boating cowl neck

This was a hook and go kind of project, with no pattern in mind, I just chained 135 - a multiple of 3 - added 1 for turning and away I went.

And here's how it turned out!!

mens man crochet sweater jumper cardigan pattern spike stitch boho hipster hippie narrow boat

To make spike stitch you work as if making regular granny clusters of 3 trebles (US doubles) into every space, but on that 2nd treble (US dc) of the cluster, you stick your hook right through the centre of the middle treble below instead of into the space. I also did not chain 1 between clusters, this made the fabric thicker and less lacey... raaa... MAN!! 

spike stitch crochet how to granny sweater mens man jumper colorful chevron

So to start off on the foundation chain, you make a regular granny cluster of 3 trebles (US dc) in every 3rd chain space, then when you come around to the second round you can start spiking!

mens crochet jumper spike stitch crochet how to sweater boho hippie bright color

Mr B is a size S/M and this came out a little slouchy but nice and snug across the chest and shoulders. I used my faithful 4.5 mm crochet hook and a selection of DK acrylic yarns.

Once the body looked long enough, (when compared with his other jumpers as this was all hush hush secret...),  I stuck in a couple of stitch markers either side and then worked the front chest and back separately, shaping the neck and shoulders with simple straight rows again.

mens crochet sweater jumper pattern spike stitch how to hippie hipster modern

On the back I made the rows go up slightly higher and then just picked the stitches up with a chunky yarn to round off in the round ready for working the cowl neck. 

To make the arms, again I just picked up the stitches into the spaces left at the sides and again worked in the round until they were long enough... and with Mr B at 6'2" they were pretty long!!

mens crochet sweater jumper pattern spike stich stripe hipster cowl neck modern fashionable

I had a hairy moment where I wasn't sure they would be finished in time for our Birthday celebrations on the boat but thankfully the crochet gods were on my side.

mens spike stitch sweater jumper crochet pattern hipster modern fashionable chevron

To make the ribbing, I used more chunky yarn from the Bonus Chunky range at +Hobbycraft and worked faux ribbing by chaining 6, one for turning, and then making alternate rows of double crochet (US single) and htc (US hdc) into each apce. Each time chaining one for turning at the end of the row. Then simply attached them!

Let me know in the comments below if you would be interested in a full pattern for this Spike 'n' Stripe Slouchy Cowl Neck Mens Sweater as I will be making him another in more muted hues for more 'quiet' days and will make a full pattern with pics.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my handsome man in his bright Boho Hipster Boating jumper! I'd love to see your version if you make one - tag me across social media, on Instagram @setfreemygypsys0ul or using the hashtag #SFMGS. 

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mens crochet sweater jumper pattern stripe spike stitch hipster chevron fashion hippie modern festival