Free Arm Candy? Yes please!! Make yourself one-of-a-kind jewellery by upcycling and a little crochet. A fun way to use your stitch sampling and practice new stitches and crochet techniques! 

crochet bangle bracelet pattern

I absolutely HATE throwing stuff away... so much is still just chucked into landfill even though we do all recycle a lot more now.

BUT there are still SO many new lives for your rubbish!! 

Take the humble parcel packaging tape tube... how many times when you are wrapping gifts, have you pushed it down on to your wrist like a bangle? A whole bunch right?! 

This fun and cute step by step tutorial will show you how to multi-task practising your stitch sampling AND making yourself some seriously cool new tribal-inspired Boho chic arm candy!

crochet bracelet upcycle pattern

If you need any help, please don't hesitate to get in touch on Instagram @sfmgs or across social media. 

As with all my patterns, there are no set rules! Pick your own colours, yarn weights and change up a stitch if you want to. Embracing and celebrating your own creativity is what makes Fibre Art so awesome!!

How to make a Boho chic style crochet bangle - free crochet pattern: 

You will need: 

  • Crochet Hook - I used my 4.5 mm 
  • DK yarns - or any weight! Use up your scraps!
  • Scissors
  • Packaging tape/ Sellotape /Parcel tape tube
  • Yarn needle (optional)
crochet bangle tutorial pattern boho hippie

1. With 1st yarn, slip knot and then chain a length of chain stitches that is just short of completely wrapping your tube. So if from the inside of the tube around over the top and back inside is 4 inches, make your chain 3.5 inches long.

2. Start crocheting!! Yay! You can make whichever stitches you like! I used a mix of trebles, htc, bobble stitch and puffs to give the piece texture. Keep your sides as straight as possible.

Here's a list row by row of the stitches I used: 

  1. htc (US hdc) in every space
  2. bobble stitch 
  3. 2 dc (US sc) in each space
  4. 2 tc (US dc) in each space
  5. dc (US sc)
  6. puff stitch
  7. dc (US sc)
  8. htc (US hdc)
  9. bobble stitch 
  10. 2 dc (US sc) in each space
  11. htc (US hdc)
  12. bobble stitch
  13. dc (US sc)
  14.  puff stitch
  15. criss cross stitch - if you have not made this crochet stitch before, click here to see how in my Pink Pageant Mandala free crochet pattern
  16. dc (US sc)
  17. bobble stitch
  18. 2 htc (US hdc) in each space
  19. puff stitch
  20. htc (US hdc) 
  21. dc (US sc)
  22. bobble stitch
  23. dc (US sc)
  24. bobble stitch
  25. dc (US sc)

Keep going until your work fits just shy of joining around the circumference of the tube. 

3. Join both ends with dc (US sc) and slip RS facing outwards through the inside of your tube.

4. Joining the piece on the outside first and then twisting the joins to the inside the bangle makes life so much easier! With the two sides facing on the outside, join these with dc (US sc) or sew with yarn needle.

5. Gently push the work up with your thumbs so that the join moves inside the tube.

crochet bracelet bangle step by step pattern tutorial boho hippie

Step 6: Add some cute pom-poms and tassels and attach either by sewing on with your yarn needle or by using you crochet hook to pull the ends through and tie tightly.

You could also add beads and bells... CUTE! 


I really hope you enjoyed this fun upcycled Boho Chic Tribal design crochet bangle pattern! ðŸ˜ 💖💙💖

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