An honest book review of '35 Crocheted Bags' by gorgeous Emma Friedlander-Collins AKA Steel and Stitch ... it's AWESOME!! Here's why you need this book in your life! 

This Candy Skull Bag was so much fun to make using tapestry crochet and dc (US sc) stitches

So when the postman arrived with my copy of gorgeous Emma Friedlander-Collins (+Steel&Stitch Emma Friedlander-Collins) new book, 35 Crocheted Bags, to review, I actually squealed out loud in the reals on the doorstep and really resisted the urge to squeeze him!

Emma's work is effortlessly stylish and just utterly beautiful, so I had high expectations... if you haven't checked out her Insta feed yet or seen her work before published, you really need to click here after reading how awesome her book is and then visit her blog here right after that. 

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Needless to say, I was not disappointed... 35 Crocheted Bags is one of the coolest, most user-friendly and just really, really pretty Crochet books I have owned. I'm not going to faff about here, lets get to the good stuff... you're here because you want to know whether you should also have a copy of this gorgeous book in your collection right? Answer: Yes! You certainly should! And here's why....

  • 35 Crocheted Bags does exactly what it says on the cover... and more! 35 stunning bag and pouch patterns in a whole range of sizes, shapes and crochet stitches. Some with embroidery, some embellished with skull studs (yes! Awesome gold skull shaped studs!!), some made using cotton yarn, others using tapestry crochet, zippers and lining. There really is something for everyone - either to make for yourself or to gift. 35 amazing patterns all tucked into one place for easy reference? Yes please!!

Making this adorable Little Kitty Handbag was so quick and easy!

  • Each yummy pattern is so clearly written with a stitch count for every round, notes and notions, recommended yarns and crystal clear assembly instructions. Even if you are new to crochet, there is certainly something in here for you as many of the designs use the more basic stitches such as dc (US sc) and trebles (US dc) yet create a stunning piece of fibre-art. 

  • A personal plus point for me, Emma actively encourages you to explore your own creativity with side-notes such as 
"Add as many retro racing stripes as you like and play around with colour..."


"The [bag] strap can completely change the look of a bag. Try out ribbons, chains or webbing to see what you prefer."

 As you know already, I love this aspect of fibre-art. Your own creativity is what makes your work so unique! Embrace it to the full!!

I embroidered my Kitty's eyes as an alternative

  • The photography in this collection of contemporary crochet bags is stunning! You will just adore looking through the pieces for instant Crojo and inspiration. Against pretty, stylish backgrounds, Emma's work just pops out of the pages at you as pure eye-candy. Plus, you get a little note from Emma herself explaining the inspirations and story behind the piece - a really lovely personal touch.
A shot from my Instagram feed @setfreemygypsys0ul as I worked on this pattern

  • Each pattern is completely innovative and so packed full of luscious colour... yet each one is totally practical too! From the neon-trimmed Spring Shopper in the Totes & Holdalls chapter to the Rainbow coloured Harlequin print e-reader/tablet case... each design has a purpose in your life! Awesome... an even better excuse to crochet right?! You NEED these items!  
Click here to see more sneaky peaks from inside the covers on Amazon!!

  • There's also a fantastic section full of technique. So from clearly explaining how to do Tapestry Crochet, basic stitches, blocking and weaving in ends right through to how to line your bag... this book is not only full of great patterns to make, but also knowledge to help you advance your crafting and crochet skills long into the future. 
Embroidering details on to my tapestry crochet Candy Sugar Skull was so much fun and really pushed me out of my comfort zone!

  • At £12.99 RRP you certainly get your money's worth... that's just 37p a pattern!! You can buy it right now by clicking here

I also added a little fringing...because, well, I never fringe anything! Haha!! 

Just because I received a copy of 35 Crocheted Bags to review is so NOT the reason I am only saying positive things... that's not me, I can be brutally honest at times... but I genuinely can not find one thing I dislike about this book! I can't wait to make every single item in here... even if my glasses case is only for my sunnies! And by changing up colours and yarn weights each time you make even the same project, you will end up with the most amazing unique design because the foundation there from Emma is flawless. 

I really hope that if you were wondering whether to buy this book for your crochet pattern collection, you now feel like it's a no-brainer. You will absolutely LOVE it!! My copy has taken pride of place on my bookshelf and I know will be used over and over for many years to come. A huge "thankyou soooo much" to Emma for allowing me the chance to work up some of these amazing patterns EARLY and for reigniting my love of needlework!!

35 Crocheted Bags by Emma Friedlander-Collins is available to buy NOW on Amazon and other outlets! Wooooo!!

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