Love bright colours? Love Christmas? Love making and receiving handmade gifts? Yay! Me too! Join in with the Calypso Christmas Colour Pop Craft Swap!!

instagram craft swap christmas

So after the roaring success of sign-ups for our Bright-o-Ween Craft Swap, gorgeous Jenna of @quirky_crochet and I are hosting another Colour Pop Craft Swap. This edition is Calypso Christmas, swapping holiday crafts for the festive season! 

The Colour Pop Craft Swap is a celebration of craft, creativity, bright colours, and the awesomeness of YOU! So far we have over 50 amazingly talented crafters and fibre-artists from around the world taking part!! Read on to find out how you can get involved too!! 

instagram craft swap christmas colour

Calypso Christmas is about turning traditional festive Reds and Greens on their heads and encouraging you to step outside of your comfort zone and embrace ALL the colours of the rainbow! 

What is the Colour Pop Craft Swap?? 

If you have never seen a craft swap before... it's a super cute and fun idea!! 

Sign up by clicking here, be matched up by us two with another awesome like-minded crafter and then play swaps! 💌💌💌 

Jenna and I match you a partner to MAKE a gift for... meanwhile someone else will be making a special gift especially for you!! 😍🎁💕... it's like Secret Santa but better! Ultimate Surprise Happy Mail 💌💌💌 👉

How fun to get a special little present #handmadewithlove in the post just for you?! 🎁💕 Plus you get to try something maybe out of your usual colour palette or comfort zone! 😄💕 

And since Christmas scarily is almost just around the corner... how fast time flies! ...we want to encourage you to step outside that traditional red and green and create a colourful creation for your partner!

See updates from all the Colour Pop Craft Swappers on Instagram under the hashtag #colourpopcraftswap

instagram craft swap colourful christmas

How does the Colour Pop Craft Swap work? 

Sign up here! >>

And these are the rules... don't worry they are pretty relaxed! 


1. Sign up by September 15th

2. Make at least one brightly coloured medium size craft for your partner, feel free to include extra goodies as well!

3. Use the hashtag #colourpopcraftswap and tag us @quirky_crochet and@setfreemygypsys0ul for required posts and updates.

4. Partners will be assigned by September 18th, maybe earlier!

5. Mail your final piece by November 15th.

You can make anything you like... just make it bright and beautiful! Sign-ups are open until September 15th 2016, any questions don't hesitate to ask us!! 

instagram craft swap christmas