Use up your yarn stash scraps and all those snipped ends, and make the very most of each and every piece of yarn by crocheting an easy and fun Scrappy Granny Square 'Scrapghan' blanket while vegging out in front of the TV. 

This WIP is just so much fun to make, that I almost don't want it to end!! By using up all the little scrap balls of yarn that are hiding in the bottom of your stash... and even those pesky snipped off ends from other projects, you can make such wildly fun scrappy grannies!!

Some people like to make one big ball of scrap yarn first to work with, I prefer to change colour according to which I fancy next! But it's so so simple to join the yarns, just knot together like in when making the Unicorn Yarn Tutti Frutti Mandala Doily Rug... and then simply lose the little knot in a treble or treble shell and crochet over the ends on this or the next round. 

It's also a great project to tackle tangled up yarn with! Instead of spending hours trying to unravel the impossible looking mess, just snip it off from the main ball of yarn and then you can detangle and snip as you go and add the yarn into your scrappy granny blanket! Yay for less stress! AND if don't have any scrappy little balls, or want a particular colour base, just make a whole bunch of mini balls by wrapping around your hand.

This a great project for TV and Netflix binges... you don't need to count, think or concentrate too hard! I started making this one watching 'Stranger Things', it also got some attention as we moved through 2 seasons of 'Hannibal' and am now bordering it to 'Bloodlines'

Each square is different and a wonderful surprise at the end! I have made these Scrappy Granny Squares up to 14 rounds with a 4.5mm hook and mostly DK weight yarn although there is some Aran, Chunky and even Super-Chunky in there too!! 

Try and crochet over your ends as much as possible and snip or sew in any loose ends after each square if you can, this will banish the 'evil ends'  when your Scrappy Granny Blanket is finished. As you can see, I am always too impatient to get on to the next square... 

I'm bordering my Scrappy Granny Blankie with a hot pink version of my Cactus edging that I use on Unicorn Poop #219... and I am so excited to get to the last rounds and see it in the new colourway! 


I really hope you enjoyed this fun bright Bohemian SCRAPPY GRANNY SQUARE WIP Wednesday! I can't wait to finish this crochet project! ðŸ˜ 💖💙💖

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