Crochet a super quick and unbelievably easy New Years Eve sparkle cardigan shrug using Tinsel Yarn and simple treble crochet (US dc) and chains for all the party feels.

free crochet pattern tinsel yarn glitter easy beginner

WOW!! It's almost the end of 2016.. and what a year! So many amazing things have happened this year here at SFMGS... I can hardly believe it. What better way to celebrate a wonderful year of crochet and fibre art than with a glittering, sparkling Tinsel Yarn Cardigan that works up so unbelievably fast!! 

easy tinsel yarn crochet shrug cardigan pattern beginner fast

Tinsel yarn can sometimes be tricky.. it's light, feathery and tangles. It's often suited more to knitting than to crochet but using a larger hook and simple stitches you can enjoy the fast growth of crochet and the texture of all the twinkles. 

This cardigan is made using King Cole Tinsel chunky yarn in Argent 1781 and an 8mm hook. By using a pattern of tc (US dc) and ch1 you will create a thick fabric that is quick and easy to work up.

free crochet shrug cardigan pattern easy tinsel yarn

How to crochet the Glitterball tinsel yarn cardigan, free crochet pattern/tutorial:

Quantities below are to make a cardigan to fit UK size 6 - 16 depending on fit. To make a larger size for more comfies, or a longer cardigan, you will need a couple more balls of yarn. 

You will need:

I honestly can't say how easy this is to make!! 

To make the body, you will simply be making 2 long 'scarf' like pieces and then joining them to a half way point to form the back. 

Then sewing up each side 3/4 of the way to form the arm holes. 

The 2 scarf strips are made using a [tc, ch1] repeat... the foundation chain must be a multiple of 2 plus 3. Here are the numbers for this size.,.just add more stitches for a larger size, or less for a smaller one. 

Crochet terms in UK terms with US terminology in brackets below! Enjoy! 


tc = treble crochet (US double) 
dc = double crochet (US single) 
ch = chain 
st sp = stitch space - space between stitches 
ss = slip stitch 
FO = fasten off 


R1:  Start by making a slip knot, and ch63

R2:  Yarn over and insert hook into 4th ch from hook, complete 1st tc (US dc) st. Ch1.
Miss 1ch sp. 
Tc (US dc) into the next. Ch1.
Repeat [tc, ch1] in every other ch sp to end. Ch3. Turn work.

R3: Tc (US dc) into ch1 sp. Ch1.
Repeat [tc, ch1] into each ch1 sp to end. Ch3. Turn work.

Repeat R3 until piece is desired length. FO. This one is 1m long and I am 5'2".

Once you have 2 pieces, lay on top of one another and insert stitch marker in the middle of the length through both pieces. Join using dc (US sc) or sew together. 

You will now have a poncho/wrap shape garment. 

Again with a stitch marker, insert through both pieces approx 3/4 of the way up form the bottom edge on both sides. These spaces at the top will be your arm holes. 

Dc (US sc) or sew together up both sides. 


With contrasting chunky yarn, join new yarn into any ch-1 sp along the back bottom edge of the cardigan and ch3 as 1st tc (US dc). 
2tc (US dc) into each ch-1 sp to end. Join with ss and FO.

For the armholes: 

R1: Join yarn again into any ch-1 sp. Ch3 as 1st tc. Tc (US dc) into each ch-1 sp. Join with ss.

R2: Tc (US dc) into each st sp to end. Join with ss and FO.

easy free crochet pattern shrug cardigan tutorial

I really hope you enjoyed this fun sparkly Tinsel Yarn Glitterball cardigan free crochet pattern! ðŸ˜ 💖💙💖

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