Eek! A brand new photo-a-day challenge launches on Saturday April 1st across social media from the Knitcraft Team at +Hobbycraft! I'm excited! Are you going to join in?

Tag your pictures with #BigSpringYarnShare to join in the fun!

I'm so excited to take part in this fun new photo-a-day challenge from the Knitcraft Team at +Hobbycraft !

I'm going to be joining in on Instagram, and it's so easy and fun to join in too with your Crochet and Knitting projects!

Each day there is a theme for your photograph... I'm especially looking forward to Day 14 "Colour Palette" and Day 26 "Rainbow" to see all the beautiful Spring and bright rainbow colours in the #bigspringyarnshare feed.

I love these photo-a-day challenges as they get your creativity blooming, and are also a great way to discover new talented fibre-artists from the crafting community. It's fab to see everyone giving their own interpretation of the theme and sharing their favourites and crafting spaces. 

To find out more, head on over to the Knitcraft HQ Insta page...


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