Get ready for Easter with this colourful vibrant Easter Egg mandala - this week's free mandala crochet pattern

easter egg crochet pattern

Wow! It's almost Easter-time gorgeous ones... I'm sure someone is speeding up the clocks.. and not just the hour forward for BST. How awesome are those lighter evenings feeling already though?! 

This week's free crochet mandala pattern is this cute little Easter Egg themed number! Made using yummy Paintbox Yarns Simply Aran and a 4.5mm hook to make those textured stitches really pop... I love using a 4.5mm rather than a 5mm with Aran and it's great to see that so many of you are also doing the same now! It creates really neat and squishy work. 

easter egg crochet pattern
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How to make the Easter Egg crochet mandala, free crochet pattern: 

Crochet terms in UK terms throughout and US in brackets in the abbreviations below! Enjoy! 


tc = treble crochet (US double) 
dc = double crochet (US single) 
htc = half treble crochet  (US hdc = half double crochet) 
dtc = double treble crochet/extended. (US = treble)
ch = chain 
st sp = stitch space - space between stitches 
ss = slip stitch 
FO = fasten off 
puff stitch = to make a puff stitch, (yarn over hook, insert, pull through to the height of tc) 4 times into one st sp or ch sp to give 7 loops on the hook plus your original ch. To finish the stitch, yarn over hook and pull through all loops. Secure with ss.
Bobble st  bobble stitch; To make a bobble stitch, work 5 tc into one stitch, leaving the last loop of each one on the hook to give 6 loops on the hook. To finish the stitch,  yarn over and pull through all 6 loops. Secure with ss. 
WS = wrong side
RS = right side

easter egg crochet pattern

R1: Magic loop, ch3 as 1st tc.
(11tc) into the loop.
Tighten and join with ss. FO.

R2: Join new yarn into any st sp. Ch2. Turn work WS facing.
Bobble st into same st sp. Ch3.
Miss 1 st sp.
Repeat [bobble st, ch3] every other st sp to end. Join with ss and FO. 

R3: Turn work back RS facing. Join new yarn into any ch-3 sp. Ch1 as 1st dc. 
(3dc) into same ch-3 sp.
(4dc) into next ch-3 sp. 
(dc, 2htc, 3tc) into next ch-3 sp.
(tc, 3dtc, tc) into next ch-3 sp
(3tc, 2htc, dc) into next ch-3 sp
(4dc) into final ch-3 sp. Join with ss and FO.

R4: Join new yarn into 2nd st sp of the bottom centre (4dc) cluster - this is the one right at the bottom of your work.
Ch2 as 1st htc. 
Htc into next 13 st sp. 
(htc, tc) 
(tc, htc)
Htc into next 13 st sp.  Join with ss and FO. 

R5: Join new yarn into any st sp. Ch2 as 1st htc. 
Htc into each st sp to end. Join with ss and FO. 

R6: Join new yarn into any st sp. Ch1 as 1st dc.
Dc into same st sp.
Repeat [(2dc)] into each st sp to end. Join with ss and FO. 

R7: Join new yarn into st sp between top (2dc) - the very top of your egg.
Ch2 and make puff stitch into the same st sp.
(ch3, puff st, ch3) into same st sp.
Miss 2 st sp.
Repeat [puff st, ch3] in every other st sp to end. Join with ss and FO.

Don't worry if your work looks a little warped, the next rounds will flatten work out...

R8: Join new yarn into any ch-3 sp. Ch3 as 1st tc.
(2tc) into same ch-3 sp.
Repeat [(3tc)] into each ch-3 sp to end. Join with ss and FO.

R9: Join new yarn into any st sp between (3tc) shells. Ch6 as 1st dc plus ch5.
Miss 2 st sp. 
Repeat [(dc, ch5, miss 2 st sp] to end. Join with ss.

R10: ss into ch-5 sp. Ch1 as 1st dc. 
(htc, tc, htc, dc) into same ch-5 sp. 
Repeat [(dc, htc, tc, htc, dc)] into each ch-5 sp to end. Join with ss and FO.

Block/Steamblock if required.

easter egg crochet pattern

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easter egg crochet pattern

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