Make these cute glitter pumps by refashioning a pair of old plimsolls with glitter, Lily Sugar 'n' Cream and Modge Podge with this full step-by-step tutorial

glitter shoes trainers diy refashion sugar n cream yarn

Spring and the sunshine has arrived! Yay! It's time to get the cute shoes out again... Saving for the restoration of Mr Brightside, I really shouldn't be buying any new pairs... but there's nothing to stop me making new ones!! 

Here's how to make these cute sparkly glitter and tassel loafer style pumps by upcycling a pair of tired old plimsoles with some homemade modge-podge, Lily Sugar n Cream and a permanent marker!

glitter shoes diy

How to make glitter pumps - upcycle and refashion tutorial:

You will need:

1. Place shoes on top of a sheet of newspaper or tissue paper, and paint both shoes with a generous coat of acrylic paint to even out the print and make the fabric malleable. I was too impatient to paint the insides!! 

2. Without leaving to dry, follow with a coat of your PVA mix

3. Immediately, shake your glitter all over!! Give them a nice thick dusting.

4. If you can wait, leave to dry for a few hours. If you can't get our your hairdryer after 30 minutes!

5. Into your PVA mix, add two colours of contrasting glitter and mix to make a pretty sparkling glaze. Paint shoes and dry with your hairdryer! 

6. Add another 2 colours and repeat

7. Once dry, colour in your soles with a funky coloured permanent marker and spray all over with lacquer. 

8. Hang to dry (or blast with hairdryer again!) and catch any initial drips with a tissue.

9. With cotton yarn, this is Lily Sugar n Cream in Jewel from the ombres range at +Hobbycraft , make 4 tassels. 

10. With yarn needle, attach 2 tassels to each shoe and secure with a knot. Trim.

11. Add funky insoles and wear with pride!! These cool leopard print ones were £1 from B and M Stores.   .... paint the insides too maybe, I am too impatient!!

I really hoped you enjoyed this fun refashion and upcycle shoe tutorial!

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