Welcome the spring sunshine and look forward to summer and festival season with oh so quick and easy tropical ombre leopard print nail art with this step-by-step tutorial.

easy hack nail art leopard print ombre glitter

So, sometimes when I post my pictures on Instagram @sfmgs, I wonder if people like my crochet or my nails more when my hands are in the shot! Lol!! So I decided to start sharing how I make my nail art here on the blog as part of @sfmgs.elements

I NEVER used to have long or pretty nails.. I was always munching them or chipping my nail polish and bashing them on things... then Mr B got me a UV lamp and gel polish for my birthday last summer... OMG! It's magical! My nails are now super strong and each manicure lasts at least 2 weeks with no chips! Yay!

You can do this with regular nail polish too! But it's so easy easy to do your own gel nails at home... and really cheap too! This is the machine I use... I got it from Amazon here.

It's so easy to do... just like painting your nails with regular polish, you just 'cook' it under the lamp in between each coat. 

So all you do is:

  • Apply base coat, cook.
  • Apply colour coat, cook - repeat until you are happy
  • Apply top coat, cook
  • Apply hand sanitizer all over to set. 

All you need to remember to do is make sure you dont have any excess touching your skin, take your time and when you put the top coat on you seal the top of your nail along the edge. Also, its important to wear sunscreen on your hands.

uv lamp gel nail diy at home

This time I've gone for a tropical jewel ombre with leopard print over the top. It's sooo easy to do!! You don't have to do this with gel polish either! It just lasts longer and is super hard-wearing and shiny.

How to DIY tropical glitter ombre and leopard print nails - step-by-step tutorial:

You will need:
  • UV lamp - if doing the gel version
  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • 4 glitter colours of nail polish (UV gel or regular)
  • 2 bright colours
  • Toothpick, hairpin, or dotting tool
  • Permanent marker pen
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Nail file

1. File your nails and get rid of any snags or bumps.

2. Apply base coat. Cook. (Leave to dry if regular polish) 

3.  Apply first colour of glitter

4. Add blobs of the remaining 3 glitter polishes

5. With toothpick smush the colours together. Wipe off any excess from around the edges. Cook. (Leave to dry if regular polish) 

6. Add splodges of 2 colours on top of glitter. Cook. (Leave to dry if regular polish) 

7. With a Sharpie or permanent marker (even black liquid eyeliner works!) draw slightly wavy semi-circles around the splodges. Apply top coat. Cook. (Leave to dry if regular polish) 

8. Apply hand sanitizer. 

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I LOVE seeing other artists awesome work! 

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