Stash bust, save some pennies and bring bright,Unicorn vibes and Boho inspired feels into your home, office or nursery with this quick and easy free mandala doily rug crochet pattern.

So this was my very first contributor blog post pattern for which sadly is no longer up and running, so for this week's Mandala Monday I'm re-writing it after so many lovely compliments and requests over on Insta!

This project really is one of my favourite makes EVER! I completely and utterly LOVED making this rug and every time I walk on it or look at it I still get all the good feels! 

This style of mandala doily rug or mat, is usually made using upholstery rope or cord and that can be expensive! As we are saving up for the very-nearly-here wedding and Mr Brightside with #PROJECTLIVEABOARD, it's all about saving the pennies without scrimping on the quality! 

The rug is made using a 10 mm hook, a big ball of Aran weight yarn and ALL your gorgeous multi-coloured scrap yarns to make your very own chunky Unicorn yarn! Working 4 strands at once means you create beautiful colour variations throughout your work and a super soft and spongy weave. 

This free rainbow doily mandala rug pattern incorporates 14 rounds of puff stitch, loops, chains and clusters of tc's (US dc).

Not only is this project cheap and fun, but it works up SOOO fast because you are crocheting BIG! The finished rug measures approx 24-25 inches across and almost an inch thick, giving you an awesome arm workout along the way!

How to make DIY Unicorn Yarn Doily Rug - Free Crochet Pattern:

Crochet terms in UK terms throughout and US in brackets in the abbreviations below! Enjoy! 


tc = treble crochet (US double) 
dtc = double treble crochet (US treble)
ttc = tripe treble crochet (US double treble)
dc = double crochet (US single) 
htc = half treble crochet  (US hdc = half double crochet) 
dtc = double treble crochet/extended. (US = treble)
ch = chain 
st sp = stitch space - space between individual crochet stitches 
sl st = slip stitch 
FO = fasten off 
puff stitch = to make a puff stitch, (yarn over hook, insert, pull through to the height of tc) 4 times into one st sp or ch sp to give 7 loops on the hook plus your original ch. To finish the stitch, yarn over hook and pull through all loops. Secure with sl st.

So, before you start, here's a quick little note on the way you will be working your yarn in this project... your base colour Aran will be used throughout worked together with 3 strands of DK... 

To join new colours simply knot them together! So quick and easy! You can tidy and hide any ends in as you work the stitches... mine's been made and walked over daily for over a year now and still no little sneaky ends poking out. As with all my scrap yarn patterns, always keep in mind the shape of the upcoming stitches and incorporate your colour change into them .

R1: Magic loop, ch3 as 1st tc. 
(11tc) into the loop. Tighten and join with sl st. 

R2: Ch3 as 1st tc. Tc into same st sp. 
Rpt [(2tc)] in each st sp to end. Join with sl st.

R3: Ch2 and make puff st into same st sp. 
Rpt [puff st] into each st sp to end. Join with sl st. 

R4: ch4 as 1st tc plus ch1. Tc into same st sp. 
Rpt [(tc, ch1, tc)] in each st sp to end. Join with sl st. 

R5: ss into ch1 sp. Ch5 as 1st dc plus ch4. Dc into same st sp.
Dc into next st sp.
Rpt [(dc, ch4, dc), dc] to end. Join with sl st.

R6: ss into ch-4 sp. Ch2 as 1st htc. 
(4tc, htc) into ch-4 sp. 
Rpt [(htc, 4tc, htc)] into each ch-4 sp to end. Join with sl st. 

R7: ss twice and dc into st sp in centre of R6 (4tc).
Ch4. Miss 5 st sp. (6st)
Rpt [dc, ch4, miss 5 st sp] to end. Join with sl st.

R8: ss into ch-4 sp. Ch3 as 1st tc. 
(3tc) into same ch-4 sp.
Rpt [(4tc)] in each ch-4 sp to end. Join with sl st. 

R9: ss 4 times. Ch2 and make puff st into same st sp. Ch5.
Miss 3 st sp (4st)
Rpt [puff st, ch5, miss 3 st sp] to end. Join with sl st.

R10: ss into ch-5 sp. Ch2 as 1st htc. 
(htc, 2tc, 2htc) into same ch-5 sp. 
Rpt [(2htc, 2tc, 2htc)] each ch-5 sp to end. Join with sl st

R11: ss twice. Dc into st sp centre of R10 (2tc). Ch6.
Miss 5 st sp (6st)
Rpt [dc, ch6, miss 5 st sp] to end. Join with sl st.

R12: ss into ch-6 sp. Ch2 as 1st htc. 
(htc, 4tc, 2htc) into same ch-6 sp. 
Rpt [(2htc, 4tc, 2htc)] into each ch-6 sp to end. Join with sl st.

R13: ss three times. Dc into st sp centre of R12 (4tc). Ch4.
Miss 3 st sp (4st)
Puff st, ch4. 
Rpt [dc, ch4, miss 3 st sp, puff st, ch4] to end. Join with sl st. 

R14: ss into ch-4 sp. Ch1 as 1st dc. 
(htc, 3 tc, htc, dc) into same ch-4 sp. 
Rpt [(dc, htc, 3tc, htc, dc)] in each ch-4 sp to end. Join with sl st and FO. 

I really hope you enjoyed this fun DIY Unicorn yarn and Bohemian design mandala doily rug free crochet pattern! ðŸ˜ 💖💙💖  

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